Michigan Sasquatch Sightings

St Clair Co.

1988, From September to November, in a section of the Port Huron State Game Area, 3 persons camping and deer hunting in a thick woods heard sounds of walking and a piercing scream, and believed they were being circled and stalked to wihin 20 yards. Anther loud high pitched scream was followed by a tree falling. A large creature was then heard crashing through the nearby underbrush as it ran away at high speed making audible footfalls. A tree 6-8 inches thick was found snapped about 8 1/2 feet up. Later that night a large shadowy form was seen 10-15 yards beyond the firelight. A week later in the same area a creature with black hair or fur and yellowish reflecting eyes was seen croutched over in a squatting position and using its hands to steady itself.

Credit: BFRO.

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