Michigan Sasquatch Sightings

Oscoda County, several miles NW of Mio.

1992 or 93, A couple living in a remote wooded area heard their dogs barking at night. Husband went out with a small calibre pistol, and observed reflecting eyes looking in his direction thru a y-shaped crotch in a small tree about 20 yards away. Creature then left. The y-branching of the tree trunk started about 7 feet above he ground. Earlier in the day horses in corral had been agitated by unknown cause. Previously, Bigfoot type tracks had been seen in the snow in a valley a short distance behind the house. Witness provided investigators with approx. 7 hair strands that he had found on his barbed wire fence. Normally docile dog of one of the investigators later reacted aggressively as soon as envelope containing the hair was opened.

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