Michigan Sasquatch Sightings

Kent County

Submitted by N.K. on Tuesday, August 17, 1999.

Contact available to BFRO investigators.

DATE: Around September, 1983.
LOCATION: United States, Michigan, Kent County.
OBSERVED: In 1983, I can't really remeber the exact date, I think it was around September. I was walking home from my friend's house, In Lowell,MI. I was on a gravel road that parallels M-22. I felt that something was watching me, and
I thought I heard foot steps. I stopped walking, and heard nothing, so I started walking again, and stopped. Again nothing. I took one step, and stopped real fast, and heard a foot step, then another. I looked to my left rear, and saw a
really big humanoid shape. It appeared to be hairy. I thought perhaps I was seeing things, so I just stared at it. finally it moved. I was so scared, I ran about three miles The other strange thing was that there was this small house with hound dogs. The dogs sounded like they were going crazy. Anyway I made it to the lighted part of the road, and stopped running. A police man stopped me, and asked if I found her. I asked him "who" He said there was a 13 year old girl missing from the area. I don't know if they ever found her. There was also an 80 year old woman who walked into the woods from the nursing home, and was never seen again I don't know if this is related or not, but it still freeks me out to
this day.
ENVIRONMENT: deciduos forest, with a road running through it. I think it was by an old cematary.
ALSO NOTICED: An odd smell.

Primary BFRO investigator: Thom Powell
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