Michigan Sasquatch Studies Group


Michigan Sasquatch Studies Group is interested in the zoological and biological studies of a possible unknown primate in North America, ESPECIALY HERE IN MICHIGAN.

Whether or not the ape-like yet man-like creature known as Bigfoot exists, the legend is familiar to almost all of us to varying degrees, and Bigfoot undeniably holds a special place in American folklore. A small group of Michigan residents has come together over the past year to gather evidence for the existence of Bigfoot, or as he is often known, Sasquatch. Having worked with a similar group in Ohio, they are now concentrating their efforts in Michigan.

Reports of these creatures have been made sporadically from the southern half of the lower penninsula for at least 30 years. The group hopes ultimately to get photos or videos of Bigfoot by using specialized surveillance equipment.

Another aspect of their work is to reassure people who have had either a single sighting or, in rare cases, have had such a creature repeatedly visiting their property. This group seeks only to learn more about Bigfoot through non-threatening research, and is strictly against the idea of "obtaining a specimen for science". This approach has been often proposed but never seriously (or at least successfully) pursued by some other investigators.

Anyone who has information about Bigfoot in Michigan can contribute to one of the most fascinating inquiries of all time by contacting us by clicking on the contact button.

You need not reveal your name, and respecting whatever degree of confidentiality witnesses may request is the first operating principle of this group. Any information, current or historical, about Bigfoot in Michigan will be appreciated.