This series of photos with the blue car and the black creature were taken by video in early Aug 1992 by Carole Fischer about 2 mile NW of
Newcomerstown Ohio. This was an area of recurring activity that I visited several times.
Only 1 picture shows what the actual video was like, the rest are zoom-ins. It was the first time Carole had ever used a camcorder, and she was only
trying to take scenery pitures, so she was not paying attention to what she might have seen in the black and white viewfinder. Thus, no one noticed the creatures in the background until I saw the tape about 4 months later.
My wife was in the front passenger seat at the time reading a book. She remenbers hearing some noise in the nearby bushes, and glancing
around once, but then she resumed reading and noticed nothing else.
I have the entire 5 minute scenery video, part of which shows the weeds between the car and the utility pole to be about 4 to 5 feet tall. The ground between the road and the pole was at least 1 foot lower than the road surface.

Bob D.
More Pictures Coming Soon